Constipation relief! Is there a fast and safe relief?

Constipation relief.

Foods that relieve constipation.

Best home remedies for constpation.

Constipation occurs in people of every age. It is common in patients with Crohns disease in remission stage (the stage when Crohns patients don't have symptoms). It’s very common in the elderly, women after 40 and in the patients with IBS.

Constipation is defined as less than two or three bowel movements a week as per traditional medicine. According to more natural and holistic medicine you should really have at least one to two bowel movements daily if your digestive system is functioning well.

I would recommend taking all possible steps in relieving constipation to anyone that has less than one bowel movement daily. Yes, less than one bowel movement daily is constipation. A lot of people and Crohn's disease patients don’t even realize that they are constipated.

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There are many factors and illnesses, including Crohn's disease in remission, that cause constipation.

A lot of patients that ask for my opinion in the pharmacy want to go straight to the shelf and pick up a bottle with “magic” constipation relief.

Many of them don’t even want to hear about natural approach to constipation. Everyone just wants something that comes in a bottle. What are you going to do?

But it’s a shame because all the constipation relief that is available in the pharmacy is the kind that will only give you a temporary relief. The real root of the problem has to be addressed here.

Constipation relief is on its way. Just start paying attention…

Constipation relief can be achieved with success if the whole gastrointestinal system is working properly.

Constipation relief..Re-think your next trip to buy laxatives!

Buying a laxative in the pharmacy seems very simple to most people. The directions are self explanatory and a lot of over the counter drug labels say “safe and natural”. Is it that safe?

Many years Ex-Lax had phenolphthalein on the market. Those “chocolates” were so popular and lots of people loved the taste. Models used it to lose weight. Years later it’s off the marker for the suspicion of development of cancer. Now the brand of Ex-Lax uses senna as its active ingredient. It’s promoted as a natural ingredient but this is a stimulant laxative and it causes its own side effects. The body gets used to stimulant laxatives very fast and then when you stop the stimulant laxative; it takes a long time to restore normal bowel movement. And you are back in the vicious cycle trying to get constipation relief.

Another example about laxatives unsafety is an over the counter laxative called Fleet Phospho-Soda. It was used for years and only now the manufacturer voluntarily removed it from the market because of risk of kidney failure and association with severe, possibly even deadly dehydration in some patients. I personally used it for my colonoscopy preparation and almost ended up in the emergency room.

Bottom line, over the counter laxatives are not that safe and natural for continuous use. If you are looking for one time or short-term constipation relief it may be OK to use them. But always start from natural methods.

Relieving Constipation Guide. Tips on relieving constipation.

You can read very interesting points about relieving constipation with acupressure.

Relief For Constipation. More constipation tips and advice here.

Tips For Constipation Relief - Constipation Remedy:

  • First thing for constipation relief is getting enough hydration with water. Plan ahead if you are leaving the house, grab that bottle with you. Drink at least one full glass of warm filtered or spring water from a respectable company first thing in the morning. This works for many people.

  • Apple juice or prune juice used to be recommended as constipation relief but they contain a lot of sugar.

    So try to use some prunes and add some water overnight and drink that liquid first thing in the morning. I recommend this only as an occasional constipation relief. This can also become habit forming.

  • You can try acupuncture that works great as a relief for constipation. Most patients had good results.

  • Tai-Chi exercise and Yoga can be a good choice for constipation relief. Most patients say it helps them.

  • Get you blood work done. Make sure you don’t have new onset of thyroid problems. This could be a problem for many women and the elderly as well as Crohn's disease patients.

  • Exercise regularly because it improves blood circulation to the colon and that in combination with great, healthy diet will be a relief of constipation.

  • Change your diet and add more fiber rich foods like broccoli, cauliflower, etc. It’s very important to check with a certified nutritionist or at least find out your own metabolic type to know which are your best foods that relieve constipation.

  • Foods that relieve constipation are the foods that work for your metabolic type. For example, if you are carbohydrate type, you may thrive on freshly squeezed vegetables and greens juice with a tablespoonful of olive oil. But, if you are a mixed type, you will need to add raw egg or any source of great protein to add to that juice.

    But generally speaking, foods that relieve constipation are usually vegetables and fruits with high fiber, low sugar conent like broccoli, asparagus and kiwi. Some fruits have an excellent fiber conent but are so high in sugar like mangoes. Watch for that sugar. Don't overdo it.

  • Flax seed oil and grinded flax seeds added to foods work as great relief for constipation.

Looking for constipation cures? It depends on what you can consider constipation cures. I think that constipation cures are foods, vegetable juices and natural products that keep you regular. Again, it depends on the idividual. For example, spinach can be constipating for you but work as a fiber laxative to someone else. That's why I do not believe in one cure for all. Be patient. Invest the time in yourself. Invest the time in your health. You can do it.

Constipation Relief - Home Remedies For Constipation:

  • Psyllium husks mixed with at least 8 ounces of water helps you to stay regular. Make sure you buy great quality psyllium (preferably organic). Psyllium is very different because it's an adaptogenic fiber. Adaptogenic fiber helps to soften the stool if you’re constipated, or decrease frequency of the bowel movements if you have loose stools (it can work as constipation or diarrhea relief). But I recommend using it with caution for any Crohns or IBS patient or any patient with gastrointestinal issues because it can be a little irritating to those sensitive stomachs. Always start with small amount of psyllium with a lot of water. Then you can increase the amount.
  • Castor oil may be tried as last resort relief for constipation. I don't even recommend mineral oil for constipation. There were cases reported that it causes aspiration pneumonia when inhaled by accident. It's especially questionable for children.
  • Some of the patients were happy with the results from drinking aloe vera juice.
  • You can consider trying natural magnesium supplement because it soften and moisturizes the stool. But consult with your doctor if you have problems with blood pressure.
  • Herbal teas like chamomile or fennel can be tried as relief for constipation. It's especailly effective when it's warm and you can add tiny bit of honey.
  • Probiotics improve how digestive system works and can help as a constipation relief.
  • Try not to wait when you get the urge to go because the longer you hold it in the less water stays in the stool and it gets harder for it to move.
  • Proper position on the toilet is very important because you need to empty out completely in order for digestive system to work correctly. There are squatting toilet devices available on the market now. If you are not ready for a toilet device you can consider getting a small bench under you feet and try squatting during the process.

I wish you well!

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