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Jan 14, 2011
Reply To Colonoscopy Question
by: Inna

Hello Burt,

Thank you very much for you question.

I am questioning screening colonoscopy for any age, not just for geriatric population. Unfortunately, colonoscopies done for screening purposes are not showing up to be as effective as originally was hoped for. If people continue the same lifestyle and the same eating habits and their dangerous polyps were removed during the screening colonoscopy they may get a new one the next month.... Risk may outweight the benefit...

In my practice, and I've worked with geriatrics for a while I've never actually noted deaths after colonoscopies. But there were some complications.

No one would probably be able to let you know an exact number of what is the death rate for 83 year old male. There are just no narrow studies that would go into this. But I am placing a link for you to look into a serious medical study that recommends against it. I am not for it or against it. It is very individual. Speak to your medical professional. If you need my consultation, use the CONTACT US page for it.

Colonoscopy in the elderly study

All the best to you, Inna

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