Is Colon Cleanse Really That Safe?

Colon Cleanse Guide.

How to properly cleanse colon?

How to pick great and safe colon cleanse products?

Should YOU Cleanse that colon?

Here's How To Pick Great Colon And Digestive System Health Products!

Colon cleansing is a part of most holistic and alternative treatment plans.

The cleanliness of your body starts from the colon.

The colon is a very important part of our digestive system.

There are three parts to it: the ascending colon, the transverse colon (absorbs salt and water) and the descending colon (which keeps the waste until it comes out of your body).

The colon is capable of reabsorbing toxins back into your blood stream. That is why you would like to keep your colon as clean as possible, right? You don't want any of the toxins going back into your system.

Most of us eat junk and sweets and so many of of us drink alcohol.

Most of us don’t know how to combine carbohydrates, fats and proteins together. There are many food products that don't mix well. As a result, food is not being digested well.

Undigested food just rots in the colon, causing flatulence and produces toxins. It's like having poisonous substances in our digestive system.

I read that most people carry between 8 to 30 pounds of hardened stool inside the pockets of the colon. That’s scary…

Many diseases are linked to the colon. Autoimmune diseases, bowel diseases and many other health issues.

Still think if you should do colon detox or what?

Colon Cleanse Questions:

How to properly colon cleanse?

How to cleanse colon safely and effectively?

That’s the big question here and you should use your common sense: If you are having a flare up, you know that it’s not the best time. You have to be ready physically and emotionally for it, especially if it’s a powerful colon cleansing.

There are different ways to cleanse colon like colonics hydrotherapy, taking colon cleansing laxative and doing colon cleansing enema.

Most holistic practitioners believe that if you skip colon cleanse enema, you have done the job only halfway.

Cleanse Your Colon Right.

Is It Safe To Do Colon Detox?

Colon Cleanse Questions:

The question that many readers ask me: “What is a colon cleanse?”

"Do I do colon detox and/or liver detox with herbs and homeopathic preparations?"

"Do I try colon detox using laxatives to get everything out of the colon to make it clean?"

"Or should I try colon hydrotherapy (colonics procedure) where the intestinal contents flow out from the colon under the pressure?"

The answer is not so clear. Everything in health is very individual. Most of the professional colon hydrotherapy places won't even take you if you have Crohn's disease, IBS, colitis, etc.

There is no definition in the encyclopedia for “colon cleanse”. This is just a term that is used for any kind of colon cleansing procedures including the preparation before colonoscopy.

Colon Cleansing Recipe; Professional colon cleansing ingredients and great taste in these colon cleansing recipes.

Yes, colon cleansing is the part of detox programs. But it has to be safe.

Colon Cleanse Questions:

"I have Crohns disease and I want to cleanse my colon and liver together and considering total colon cleanse, should I go with OTC products or should I see a professional?

I always think that when dealing with your health you need to see a professional person. It can be a doctor, naturopath or other holistic practitioner. But it ahs to be someone with lots of credibility.

We realize that for a healthy body we need a healthy and “clean” colon.

We need to love our “gut” to get its love back. The intestinal tract is very complex. It’s has plenty of good bacteria which is responsible for proper digestion, great immunity and more.

Our intestinal tract (gut) has many nerve endings which let you know that something is wrong with the pain signals to the brain. And boy, what kind of stomach pain that can be sometimes….

There is so much that the intestinal tract is responsible for. That includes an extremely important part of removing the waste out of our digestive system.

What happens if the system encounters a problem? The system “backs up”, “overflows” and can cause nausea, vomiting, constipation and even rebound diarrhea. That’s not the worst part yet. It gets worse when all those toxins get back (reabsorbed) into the bloodstream poisoning your entire system.

In Eastern medicine the liver is compared to the heart in the Western medicine, as my acupuncturist once told me.

The cycle of health starts from the healthy liver. When the liver is healthy so is the colon. Normally, the liver will try to clean itself out of these toxins through sweat, urine and stool...

But, when it gets too toxic, the liver will throw toxins into other organs like skin for example. Skin is the largest organ on our body. So many patients will experience skin problems like eczema, acne, rosacea and others because of digestive problems. And most doctors won't tell you that the skin issues are coming from your digestive problems.

Some people may have newly developed allergies because the liver is so overworked and can’t remove any more “foreign particles”.

I can't say enough that the liver is an extremely important part of the digestive system and liver cleanse is sometimes paired with colon cleanse for better detoxification results.

Colon Cleansing Recipes. Click here to learn more. All these recipes are mild enough even for patients with Crohn's disease, IBS, ulcerative colitis and others with digestive diseases.

Colon Cleansing Review. Click Here to learn what others have said.

Milk Thistle DFH. Click Here for this Amazing Herb Info. This is a great herb that is used for liver cleansing and colon cleansing.

LV-GB Complex Detox. Click to Learn about this powerful combination. This product has great liver support and also gallbladder support and detox.

Detox Antiox. Click for more info Here. This product is used for safe body detox and colon detox.

Detoxification Support Packets. Click Here to read about this combo. This is such a convenient way of safe colon and body detoxification.

Colon cleanse questions:

What do we use for a super colon cleansing?

I’d like to first let you know all the things that you should probably not use for colon detox. That would be the over the counter laxatives like senna, Fleet Phospho-Soda, Dulcolax (bisacodyl) and many more.

These are fine for occasional constipation and even then they should be used with caution because of the side effects and all that cramping. They are too harsh and can be abrasive to the colon.

When using these laxatives for prolonged time they can cause a condition called Melanosis coli that is an indication of bowel dependency or “lazy colon syndrome”. The patient will develop a so called dependency and will need to always continue the laxative.

Colon Cleanse Questions:

Would colon cleansing be safe for Crohn's disease patients?

In my opinion as a patient that will depend on each individual Crohns patient’s case.

The patient needs to be in remission before even thinking about colon cleansing. And of course you should not be cleansing with over the counter laxatives.

The things to consider here would be gentle, natural and SAFE detox products. Herbal colon cleanse or organic colon cleanse that work gently on your gut would be your best choice.

An example of a good herbal colon cleansing can be natural supplement from a store. Or you can cleanse colon naturally at home with homemade preparations. Just use a freshly squeezed juice from organic greens and herbs, for easy herbal colon cleansing .

Natural Colon Cleansing. Click Here To Learn More. Read best natural ways to cleanse colon. If you are more into "natural" and want to read more about it.

Free Colon Cleanse Recipe. Click Here to Get this info. It's a very effective recipe. This free colon cleansing recipe was effectively used by European doctors even before medications came about. Learn about free olive oil colon cleansing.

Bowel Cleanse. Learn the secret to prevent colon diseases from this great site.

Learn about cleansing colon on this informative site about parasite cleanse.

How To Pick Great Colon Cleanse Products? Read the Ingredients.

There are many products are available on the market to cleanse your colon now and you have to be very choosy. Some of them act the same as harsh over the counter colon cleansing (laxatives) disguised under a “new” label. READ ingredients!

Good Ingredients In Colon Cleanse And Liver Cleanse:

  • milk thisle

  • organic psyllium

  • dandelion

  • chamomile

  • yarrow flower

  • chlorella

  • organic vegetable fibers

  • organic flaxseeds

  • natural magnesium salts with vitamin C (double check with your doctor about magnesium if you have high blood pressure, kidney problems or prone to diarrhea).

Other great ingredients to cleanse your colon and colon detox will be fennel seeds, aloe vera, peppermint leaf, nettle leaf, fenugreek seed extract, ginger root, dandelion root, licorice, etc.

All these ingredients should not be combined in one organic colon cleanse product because too many ingredients in one single product may not be very safe and/or if you develop an allergy to something it will be difficult to know what exactly caused the allergy.

Tips For Best Colon Cleanse Effects:

  • Make sure the products are from reputable companies. It’s great if they say “gentle” or “not harsh” on the boxes.
  • Some good companies make them as a step by step process. That could be very effective.
  • Don’t forget a great quality probiotic as an addition to colon detox to restore the good flora in your gut.
  • Also, zeolite is a great colon detox product that helps remove the toxins and heavy metals from the system.
  • Drink only filtered or spring water.
  • Try switching to organic food little by little.
  • Exercise and get enough sleep.

I wish you to have great health and safe colon cleanse!

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