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Many patients ask about colon cleansing products and colon cleansing reviews. Many people like to do body cleansing during this time of the year.

There is no doubt that your colon health is very important. Particles, nutrients, vitamins and important, essential elements get reabsorbed back into the system from your colon. That is exactly why you would want to keep your colon clean…very clean.

It is also very important that you don’t want to keep your colon too clean either, sort of speak. Colon that is “too clean” may be depleted of essential probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria which need to keep that perfect balance in your gut flora.

So keeping your colon clean means a few things:

First, you have to prevent constipation at all costs. That you can do with the right diet, exercise and drinking good quality water.

Second, if you have mild to moderate constipation already, take care of it as soon as possible with good quality fiber and possibly acupuncture.

Colon Cleanse Review Page: If you already have moderate to severe diarrhea you would want to try great quality psyllium, colon cleansing products and may even squatting toilet position.

If you are looking for a good colon cleanse review you have to look for patient’s opinions and their colon cleanse reviews as well as count on professional opinions. You can’t discount the fact that something could work for one person may cause you terrible pain and gasses. Colon cleansing is very individual.

People with chronic constipation should be very careful and aware that many colon cleanse reviews are written by “health nuts” who do colon cleanses for prevention, not for any other reason.

Colon Cleanse Review Page: Many people with chronic constipation can sometimes have worsening of their symptoms. That can be due to many things like: not reading instructions carefully and not drinking enough water and fluids while doing colon cleansing.

Many people truly believe colon cleanse reviews that were just there for an advertising purposes. You shouldn’t always believe everything they say. I would rather trust a colon cleanse review that doesn’t “smell” like the opinion was “purchased”.

Colon cleansing is really not for everyone, especially harsh colon cleansing. Most patients do better with milder products that are taken for two to three weeks.

Many patients also do very well with colon cleanse products that have combination of liver cleansing, colon cleansing as well as parasite cleansing.

Colon Cleanse Review Page: The most important thing about colon cleansing is individualized approach. And in Fuctional Medicine we strongly believe in that. Yes, you could go to a health food store or even supermarket now and get yourself a colon cleansing kit or colon cleansing powder. You could get a recommendation from an inexperienced sales person, if you are lucky. You deserve better than that.

You want to get a colon cleanse review from a professional because your body deserves best product.

The first recommendation I give to my clients with digestive problems is to figure out what foods they are intolerant to. There are many ways to check that.

And it’s easy to do with elimination diet. That is when you take away most common foods that cause intolerance and re-introduce them back one by one. Also it would really help to try out going gluten free for at least 2 month to decrease inflammation in the gut.

Once this process is completed the gut inflammation cools down and ONLY then it makes sense to do colon cleanse.

I always recommend doing the stool test first. I offer my clients state-of-the art laboratory home testing kits. When that test is done, and all the bugs are taken care of, your health can be transformed. Many people experience tremendous relief after all the bugs are gone.

Most colon cleansing reviews contain people opinions and their symptoms. Some even recommend or strongly suggest trying the product because it was easy to take. But the question is: Was the colon cleansing product effective?

How would you know if the colon cleanse was effective? Well, that depends on why did you get that colon cleanse.

If you got it because you occasionally had constipation and now you go “like a clock”, then yes it was effective for you.

If you took the colon cleanse because you had bad breath or slight indigestion and now that’s gone, then yes, it worked for you, too.

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But if you took it because a cousin of a friend of a friend said you could loose some weight with such and such colon cleanse product and you didn’t lose weight after using that particular colon cleansing product then you only have yourself to blame.

It’s simple: Colon Cleansing Products are not intended for weight loss or appetite suppression. They are also not good choices for pregnant women, nursing women and people with Leaky Gut Syndrome. I mean leaky gut syndrome which was not addressed nor treated.

Many of my clients ask me if colon cleansing products could help clear their skin. The answer would not be the same for everyone. Some people get smooth and clear skin after the right colon cleanse for them. And some will need more work before their skin clears. In functional medicine this would require a step by step program that would work to clear skin even when colon cleanse didn’t do the job.

Colon Cleanse Review Page: I would also want to share a great secret with you. You need to know that it TAKES TIME to get used to high fiber intake. So if you are just trying out new colon cleansing products that have fiber, START WITH SMALL doses and then gradually increase the amount.

And something so simple and something a simple colon cleansing review may not mention is to DRINK lots of water with any colon cleansers!!!

Great colon reviews have ingredients that were used for the products. Many good colon cleanse products have ingredients like milk thistle, organic psyllium and milled flax seed.

One great rule to follow with colon cleanses is try to use products that have more natural ingredients.

When you see methylcellulose, PEG, hydrogenated castor oil or other processed chemicals..just stay away.

Colon Cleanse Review Page: Invest into good, respectable brands when looking for colon cleanses. It’s your body that you invest into. Your health is the most precious thing that you have!

Many colon cleanse reviews here under this page are from my readers. You can share your own experience with colon cleanse products with us and you can help many, many people with an honest opinion.

If you are interested in any of the professional products for colon cleansing, more professioal colon cleansing reviews or Functional medicine consultation, just CONTACT ME here. And PLEASE specify the REASON for contact. Make sure you leave right email address. I can't get back to you without right email address.
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