Colon Cleanse And Crohn's Disease

by Steven
(Miami, Florida, USA)

I would like to share my story with colon cleanses and liver cleanses with you.

Recently, doctors thought that I have Crohn's disease. I am educated in health care and I can tell you that a lot of colon cleansing products are there for the hype of the moment.

Most of these colon cleanses and body cleanses have no proof that they work. There are many claims for these cleanses like theyboost immunity, boost energy and get rid of toxins.

Anything that have milk thisle should be good in liver cleanses and colon cleanses. There's some medical evidence that milk thisle is beneficial for liver diseases.

But I tried a colon cleanse that had milk thisle with other ingredients that were too harsh and could not have a normal bowel movement for weeks after.

Almighty Cleanse Formula 1 caused me to go to the bathroom so many times that I could not even count and the cramps were so severe. I felt silly for trying it.

Also, I know that Colonix colon cleanse has licorice that can increase blood pressure for patients. Those who have hypertension have to be careful.

I am also discouriging from colon irrigation often since it can wash out the good flora or cause infections, fluid overload, bowel perforation and more.

What's more important is to have healthy digestive process and you won't need laxatives or colon cleansers.

Inna, you are suggesting some awesome things to improve digestion. Thank you so much, keep up your great work.

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Feb 27, 2010
Reply to Colon Cleansers And Crohn's Disease
by: Inna

Thank you so much Steven. All of these compliments and your feedback mean the world to me.

All the best, Inna

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