Colitis And Crohns

My name is Karen, and in 2007 after going through the most painful experiences of my life, bleeding diarrhea, and hemrroid hectomy surgery,wearing a bag, and many hospital visit, I was finally diagnoise with Colitis.

I thought I was going to die from all the pain, and emotional suuering that I had endured.

I spend months in and out of the hospitals, and 5 surgerys later I lost my Large Intestine, and my Colon.

I thought that was it, the bag, the diarrhea, and steroids. I was finally going to have a nice healthy life with my family.

Know here I am 2011, I went to see my specialist, he found some soars in my small intestines,and my pouch and I was told that I am know struck with Crohns.

Can someone please tell me how to deal with this. I am so confused. How is it possible to be hit with 2 diseases within 5 years. The doctor said that I could have had Crohns from the same time I had colitis, but something was missed.

If there is someone who can help me understand this, please let me know.

I had completely change my life style, I had to see a Therapist to help me cope with the whole experience that my family , and I went through. I never eat certain foods, even now.

I lost my large intestine, and colon, all I have is my small, what will happen to know? How do I get throught this.

Thank You

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Mar 28, 2011
Colitis and Crohns
by: Diana

Hello Karen,

I am so sorry for your pain. I understand it because my girlfriend suffered from Crohn's, Celiac disease and Fibromyalgia.

I spent many days just cheering her up and getting her to enjoy life.

Many of my friends were nice enough to help me after my visits to her. I was drained because I gave my energy to help her feel better.

I am so happy that she feels so much better now and she is forever grateful to me for everything.

I hope you have a great circle of friends and loved ones for support. And I am sending you my love.

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