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Apr 03, 2010
Reply To Chronic Diarrhea
by: Inna

Hello Mary,

Thanks for your question. One of the most common reasons for chronic diarrhea in children is gluten intolerance.

It's not very difficult to try gluten free diet for your child for two months. If you need to know more about gluten free diet, let me know. I can write a book on it. Chances are things will improve.

Another thing you could try is giving your child a probiotic that is designed for kids like children's Florastor or Primadophilus. You could start from once a day for at least one month. This could work.

You could also try colostrum for your kid. Great immune system support. Great for digestive health, too. But buy good quality and reputable company products.

You could do probiotics, gluten free diet and colostrum at the same time.

I hope you child feels better very soon.

Let me know the progress.

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