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Nov 14, 2009
Charcoal Pills For Gas Bloating?
by: Inna

First of all, I need to thank you for your submission. Many of my readers contacted me with this type of questions. This information would be helpful for others.

The medications that you take right now tell me that you are having a flare-up. The bloating is probabaly more than usual at this point.

Trying Activated Charcoal may absolutely help the symptom of bloating and even detoxify the intestines slightly. It doesn't get absorbed into the bloodstream. There are almost no side effects unless you take too many of them.

What you should know is that taking too much of Activated Charcoal may constipate you, especially since you have a narrowed intestines.

But if you are planning to take Activated Charcoal you need to know that it's a great adsorbent. Great to detoxify colon but could interact with any of your medications. Charcoal can decrease the effectiveness of many medications because it adsorbs them. So you would need to space any of your medications at least by 2 to 3 hours from Activated Charcoal.

All your intestinal issues could be Crohns or childhood surgery or both.

But what you need to concentrate on is getting better!

Please, consider going gluten-free for at least 2 months. Improve your immune system with a great immune system modulator like I26

Immune I26

Try the breathing exercises, not kidding. This will help to make your body alkaline, that in turn will resist any inflammatory process. And breathing exercises are free.

You need to take very good quality probiotics. They really improve the gut flora.

Also, consider taking digestive enzymes with a difficult to digest foods. You can find probiotics and digestive enzymes on this page:

Healing Center

All the best to you Frank,

I hope that this was helpful

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