Celiac symptoms

by Ronnie
(Manila, Philippines)

Hi...I think, I have a celiac disease.this my story, when I was a child 6 yrs old i'felt something wrong with my stomach,diarrhea, vomiting with parasites and difficulty to breath like heart burn,I'd ignored all this symptoms cause my family live in rural places likes near by mountains. And times go on I'd suffered many diseases like total body pain. I'd tried many medication but sad to say something's goes wrong.the symptoms goes worst and I didn't know how to solve, until I'd dicided to commit suicide many times but I can't did it. The doctors did a lot of examination and the results are normal, like ultra sound, x-rays, blood tests, urine tests,physical examination, neurological examination like emg-ncv test for all extremities. Doctors suspected I had acid refluxed and lack of vitamin b.now I'm 27 yrs old and still suffering in many pains.In may 2017 I'd diagnosed of blood infection, low levels vitamin d 29 ng/ml, low phosphate. Now I'm taking many supplements for my immunity.
Do you think I have a celiac disease? How can I treat for this, can you help me to solve my health problems?

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Oct 25, 2017

by: Inna

You surely want to get that diagnosed right and your medical doctor can run tests to give you a conclusive diagnosis. Once that is done we have many complimentary options for Celiac.

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