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Dec 30, 2009
Alkaline System
by: Inna

Thank you so much for this question Bob,

Rebounder is great for many reasons. It can help circulate the blood and clean the lymph. It's a wonderful type of exercise for anyone.

Rebounding is a really great type of exercise for Crohn's patients because its not too strenuous. The only thing is if that Crohns patient has a flare-up it's probabaly not recommended to exercise at all until the patient is better.

I use a rebounder and I believe that its worth the investment.

Yes, it's crucial to make sure that your body is alkaline. When the system is in alkaline state it would fight off the pathogens and keep Crohns patients symptom free. To make sure that you stay alkaline you can drink many green juices (non sugary), you can drink wheat grass or you can try other methods to keep alkaline. When you are acidic you get toxic, so yes stay alkaline.

I hope I was helpful.

All the best to you. You are a great friend.

Sincerely, Inna

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