Brooke Herrington

by Brooke
(New York)

I'm 19 years old now living with Crohn's Disease. I feel alone dealing with this disease because I feel like no one knows what I go through.

I got diagnosed when I was 14 years old. I lost 20 pounds in less than 30 days. Throughout high school my disease was bad but as soon as I left for college I was in and out of the hospital.

Always in pain needing morphine and sometimes that wouldnt work. I missed so much of school being in the hospital that I was forced to dropped out of college. I wish my life would just be normal.

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Jan 03, 2011
Reply To Your Crohn's Disease Story
by: Inna

Hello Brooke and thank you so much for sharing your story. I know it's not easy to do that.

You are absolutely not alone here. Most of us with Crohn's have had some kind of horror story to share at some point. But you need to know that it will get better. You are going to get much better.

You may want to try a holistic approach to getting well. You may want to change the way you eat, sleep and even think. But this part of your life will be over and you'll get better. You will get your life back.

I'm also in New York so if you need a consultation, just use Contact Us page and we could set up a telephone or in-person appointment. If you can't afford the whole wellness program that I offer you may want to at least get the basics and go on from there. The method I use for healing is very effective and it could work along with traditional medication therapy.

I wish you great health in a New Year!!!

Jan 03, 2011
Crohns Disease Story Cont.
by: Brooke Herrington

Well, I tried eating different and sleeping. Nothing worked. I have an amazing doctor at Albany Med. I don't know where I would be without him helping me though this time in my life. I'm on the Remicaide for treatment.

Jan 03, 2011
Crohn's Disease Reply
by: Inna

It's really great to have a good, compassionate doctor. It's so important and rare.

Why don't you try gluten free diet at least for 3 month without cheating and get you sleep from 10pm the latest.

Maybe try breathing exercises and acupuncture.

Oct 31, 2011
Holistic approach is the ONLY way to cure it!
by: Anonymous

Hello Brooke,

Not sure if you'll get this comment because your comments were almost a year ago.

I was "mis" diagnosed with Crohns' 6 years ago.

My doctor begged me to try Remicaid, but I refused countless times! So glad I did!
Remicade is nothing but a toxin and a poison!
Of course no one can "see" what it's doing to the body, but eventually it will insult the intestines even further!!


Feb 09, 2012
The Answers Are Out There.
by: Anonymous

Hi Brooke. I have had Crohns for 17 yrs now and I very much know what you and everyone else with this disease is or has gone through.

I have it severly, its affected both my large and small bowel. For many years I suffered,tried all the medications including Remicade, high doses of prednisone four 4 years which has caused dead bone and circulatory problems that I have to live with for the rest of my life.

I got so sick of taking 20 pills a day and the list kept growing because of the side effects (having to take this pill to counterreact the side effects of that pill ect,ect,ect.)

IT JUST WOULD NOT END. So I stopped taking all medications. I got to thinking that this disease is not something new so how did they deal with it in the old days?

I started doing research and found an answer that works for me. Dont get me wrong I'm not telling you to stop your treatments because everybody is different but there are natural alternatives to treat this disease naturally, but it takes a lot of searching and research.

I have not taken any doctors medications for over ten years now and I am doing great.

I cannot give you all the answers but I can give you a few tips to get you going.

A good vitamin k2, a well thought out diet, talk to as many people as you can that have Crohns; ask them how they deal with it.

Keep your metabolism going this is very important and works for me.

Find somebody who is very knowledgable in vitamins and health and talk to them but be carefull there are a lot of knowitalls out there that don't know anything (they just think they do).

Stay active (did I already mention that?).

I also pee on a piece of litmus paper every other morning to monitor my acid and alkaline levels, I find if I am alkaline I'm good but if Im acidic my Crohns will start getting active.

So if I'm acidic I will eat foods that will make my system go alkaline. If you can, try talking to a native Indian elder (medicine man or woman) some of my best information has came from them.

Do research read as much as you can about Crohns and educate yourself well; search the internet, lots of usefull info there.

Stay active, herbs, vitamin supplements, diet. Like I said everyone is different and what works for some may not for others but if you do the work(and it is hard)you will eventually find what will work for you and get off the prescription medication marrygoaround.

I have and anybody else with Crohn's can to. Just remember that the medical profession wants you taking their medications, thats how they make their money, and that's just my oppinion.

I'm not saying doctors are bad because they are not; but they are taught to treat people by their medical text book, not by alternative traetments.

In my experience the only person looking out for my best intrests is myself.

I realy hope this helps you and anybody else that reads this.

Good luck and stay active.

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