by Joanne Brisker
(Aurora Co. 80011)

I have bloating after I eat and also real bad pain in my stomach burning in lower and upper back. I have constipation all the time. It hurts when I am able to use the bathroom. Would this be GERD?

Comment from Inna:

Hello Joanne,

Thank you very much for your question. The symptoms you described could be the symptoms of GERD. But they could also be the symptoms of Crohn's disease, IBS, Celiac disease, gastritis or ulcer. These are nonspecific and very common symptoms of many gastrointestinal illnesses.

As a pharmacist I would tell you to get further testing with your doctor. The only right diagnosis you can get is from your doctor. True GERD is a serious illness and requires medical attention.

As a Functional medicine practitioner I can tell you that we look at a gastrointestinal illness a little different. We look for the root cause of the problem. We look to make a patient feel better. We look at a patient as a whole human body-mind connection. We look at the diet, we look at stressors, and we look at what could be the cause of that alignment.

We want to help the patient with analysis based approach using home lab test kits. It's such a successful method. In the end of the day it wouldn’t matter much whether it was acid reflux or gastritis; we fixed the patient's problem; not the patient's diagnosis.
It's a different approach and for some people it's just not easy to understand because their mind set is to get the diagnosis
and then to get the right prescription for that diagnosis. Sure that would be important if it was a bacterial infection like pneumonia, for example. In this case you need an antibiotic and you need the right kind of an antibiotic to cure that pneumonia.

With digestive diseases it has to do a lot with stress, environmental factors, personality, adrenal health, dietary stress and many more factors that should be considered. It's not the same as pneumonia.

If you are interested in getting a diagnosis your best bet is going to a doctor who will conduct many tests and scans and you will get that diagnosis. Once you get your diagnosis and still considering more natural and really effective healing; it’s very possible that you still might; you can call my office for an appointment. We can Skype or talk on the phone and I'll send you very different home test kits.

It makes my job much more satisfying when I find out that my patients are doing much better. And it gets better; most of my patients learn to heal naturally and able to teach the whole family the healthier lifestyle: what to eat, what to do in such and such case. This health investment goes a long way.

I had a patient with reflux who realized that her son was completely gluten intolerant after a few sessions with me. He stopped losing hair 4 weeks after starting gluten free diet. I helped indirectly and that makes this method such a success.

All the best to you and Happy Holidays!!!!

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Dec 17, 2011
Crohns is a nightmare!!
by: Jody

I am a 48 yr old female that most people thought was annorexic most of my life.

I have had diarrehea for 28 yrs. I had a colonoscopy 7 yrs ago and they couldnt tell me what was wrong.

I went camping this last July and ate a brautwurst for dinner on the 4th....bad REACTION!!! IT TOOK 24 HRS OF NO FOOD OR WATER TO GET ME HOME. It was an hour and a half to get home!!! Now Im afraid to go anywhere!!!

I was diagnosed with c-diff at the ER and went for the second colonoscopy on 7-7-11. The Dr suspected Crohns but but me of till October to give me a definate amswer.

In the meantime I swallowed the camera, endonoscoy, tried numerous corticosteriods that are not affordable without insurance that I lost at the end of april!!!WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!

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