by Bunty

I tried aloe vera and boswelia and it was very good.

And milk was not good for me. Milk is bad for my colitis symptoms. I need to have 4 liter of water a day to feel good.

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Sep 16, 2011
Reply to Crohn's diet question.
by: Inna

Thank you very much Bunty,

I appreciate your comments and suggestions for the others.

It's very true many colitis sufferers can tolerate milk, any dairy products as well as gluten products and soy.

It's very important to pay attention to what foods cause you to feel uncomfortable later and discontinue it.

You may even want to test yourself for food allergies.

Bananas are recommended by many gastroenterologists because they are easy to absorb and digest, especially during flare up. But bananas have so much sugar and if that flare up was caused by bacterial or parasitic infection then you are feeding that bacteria with all that sugar and not helping with cooling down that flare up.

I hope this helped.

Best, Inna

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