Anti Inflammatory Diet For Your Healing.

Anti Inflammatory Diet.

Learn The Best Anti Inflammation Diet And Anti Inflammatory Foods To Stay Healthy. Most people do not realize that a healing diet is the most important base for true gut healing.
Patients that follow inflammation free diet for at least one to two months would respond much better to natural therapies or any other gastrointestinal treatment (even conventional medical treatment) if you choose to go with conventional medicine.

The first step in healing diet is to keep the sugar from jumping too high or too low. That means most people should not skip meals. Do not skip breakfast, that is extremely important.

This would also mean that most patients need to eat at least three properly mixed meals daily and average of two healthy, balanced snacks daily.

Another very important tip that is recommended is to have good, healthy protein with each meal. This would prevent blood glucose from jumping up and down too quickly; instead you would have steady glucose levels.

Please, avoid refined sugar or any other sugar at all cost.

The next good question to ask now would be how much protein to use in your meals? What would be my carbohydrate to protein ratio?

It is very important to figure it out… But there is more than one theory on what nutritional type you fall into. One doctor believes in nutritional typing test to figure out if you are protein type, carbohydrate type or mixed type. Some naturopaths believe in blood type nutritional categories.

You could find a certified nutritionist to help you figure out what is your type. This is another option for you when looking for anti inflammation diet. In my practice, I incorporate both nutritional typing and metabolic typing tools to help the client eat better.

The thing is that people may change from one type to another throughout their lives. For example a protein type could become a mixed type at one point due to illness or weight loss or due to other changes. Also, people that are very ill need more protein and good fat to heal their gut no matter what type they are. So again and again, all of this is very individual. That’s why it’s best to see a professional, trained health consultant like Functional Medicine practitioner and get personal attention. Something that works for one may not work for another.

Anti inflammatory diet: Also, it’s very important to test for food allergies. You could be eating the healthiest food, but can simply be allergic to them. Anti inflammation diet won’t work if you are eating something that your body is reacting to. Food allergies slowly but surely cause gut damage.

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Starting any anti inflammation diet you need to begin with a great source of water. Use filtered with minerals or spring water for drinking and cooking. Unfiltered water may have heavy metals and other toxins that will work against anti-inflammatory diet. Drink at least 1 Qt of water for every 50 lbs of weight per day.

The types of foods you buy are important for anti inflammatory diet. Try to buy organic food if your budget permits.

Chewing slowly is another rule for anti inflammatory diets. Do not watch TV or sit next to the computer when you eat. Concentrate on the food when you are eating. This is important part of healing diet.

I strongly believe in an anti inflammatory diet because it had helped me tremendously. Also, I believe in anti inflammatory foods because I have seen how many patients got better eating this food.

In Functional Medicine before we recommend any protocols, supplements or testing, the first thing that we recommend is anti inflammatory diet. You can’t help someone until they start healing their gut with anti inflammatory diet. It’s a must.

Anti Inflammatory Diet – What To Avoid:

Anti inflammation diet would also mean avoiding all inflammatory foods. The examples of inflammatory foods would be potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants.

First, it would be very wise to do food allergy testing. But if you can’t, start with avoiding gluten, soy and dairy for two months. For people sensitive to corn, avoid corn. Click on gluten sensitivity if you want to know more.

It may not be very simple in the beginning to go gluten free. But it’s very, very realistic if you want to get better.

Your best anti inflammatory diet would consist of the basic healing, anti inflammatory foods. Something like going back to the nature type of diet. This anti inflammatory diet would have raw vegetables, raw fruits, raw seeds, raw nuts, cleans sources of protein (not fed with antibiotics) and great sources of fats. That’s how we were created. We need to eat clean food to have clean liver. We need clean liver to take care of the invaders and get rid of them. Genetically modified food, antibiotics treated meat, farm raised fish and most of the processed food are the examples of the toxic foods that people consume on the daily basis. If people wouldn't eat inappropriate foods there would be much less need to look for anti-inflammatory foods. Yes, inflammation and diet are directly related despite what many experts say.

Anti inflammatory diet consists of anti inflammatory foods that are raw or properly prepared.

Anti Inflammatory Foods :

  • ginger
  • organic, free range chicken
  • grass-fed, organic beef
  • organic turkey
  • lamb
  • wild caught salmon
  • green tea
  • oolong tea
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • extra virgin coconut oil
  • quinoa
  • millet
  • kale
  • dark, leafy vegetables
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • garlic
  • lemons
  • Brussels sprouts
  • blueberries
  • cherries
  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • turmeric spice
  • organic apple cider vinegar
  • flax seeds
  • flax seed oil
  • dark chocolate

When buying your anti inflammatory foods always READ labels. Stay away from hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils and always stay away from trans fats.

It gets much harder to follow inflammatory free diet when you are on vacation or going to the restaurants. Try to order grilled or poached fish with vegetables, sautéed chicken with vegetables or lamb with salad. No pasta, no bread, please.

Anti Inflammatory Diet:

  • Proteins – use eggs, organic chicken or turkey, wild caught fish, lamb, occasional red meat.
  • Vegetables - use raw as much as possible, steamed, or lightly sautéed.
  • Fruits – use fresh, organic and raw.
  • Salt and spices – use sea salt or Herbamare (great seasoning of salt with herbs).
  • Good Fats – no margarine, raw butter(if you can get it), almond butter, walnuts, avocado, extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil and walnut oil.
  • Complex Carbohydrates - use only whole grains and organic grains like brown rice, millet), sweet potatoes, beans and legumes.
  • Dairy – try to stay away if you can’t to find raw dairy. Or at least use organic, antibiotic and hormone free. Stay away from sugary yogurts. Goat’s or sheep’s milk are much closer to human milk by structure, so try using these instead of cow’s milk.

I hope you are all set with your anti inflammatory diet. I wish you to get very healthy and stay very healthy.

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