About Me. My Journey.

About me. My journey with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Hello, and Welcome to my Journey With Crohns Disease. My name is Inna and this site is extremely personal to me.

I graduated from Long Island University where I received a pharmacy degree.

Later, I got certified as a Functional medicine practitioner. Then, I got certified as a Level 1 Bioenergy therapist PureBioEnegy method.

My latest achievement was to graduate University of Florida with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

I always enjoyed being a pharmacist. And I always felt bad for my very sick patients. I did not know that I would become pretty sick one day:(.

In college I thought that Crohn's disease was something so horrible. My professor was trying to explain to us that there is no return to normal with Crohn's disease. It’s an autoimmune disorder and there is no cure to this day.

What Happened?

After I had my first child I had mild colitis symptoms and was misdiagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. I thought that was bad and I was pretty scared.

It’s common to confuse Ulcerative colitis for Crohns and vice versa, especially with mild symptoms.

The symptoms were going away with medicine and I thought colitis was gone.

When I was delivering my second child it all came back with a vengeance. The diagnosis was now Crohn's disease and the symptoms were so severe that I felt completely debilitated.

I went through a nightmare that no one should ever live through. I thought to myself “How did this happen?” “What did I do to deserve this suffering?” And I started my journey to health.

By the way, I never ask those type of questions anymore. It’s not healthy for the soul to dwell on “Why”s and “What”s. Let it go. Start fresh. You have to think positive no matter what.

My Journey To Health

At that worst point in the hospital I said to myself “No more."  I have to try taking more control over my health and get myself better. I am a health professional after all.

I am a pharmacist that knows all these side effects of the medications that I take. I actually experienced many of them. My mood was horrible on Prednisone. My white blood count was ridiculous on Remicade and 6-MP.

I started reading all I could about Crohns. Unfortunately, not many sites were this informative then.

I read medical literature and studies from the US and Europe. I was searching to heal the body and the mind. This mind body harmony can improve physiological health.

Little by little with the help of my family I found great natural and alternative methods for healing my Crohns.

Those methods don’t just apply to Crohn’s patients. The strategies are suitable for anyone with the disorders of the immune system like Celiac disease, Ulcerative colitis, IBS, etc.

Healthy Lifestyle

The first thing I started was experimenting with Crohns disease diet. You must win this battle of man vs. food.

Some of the food that you may think is the healthiest may cause inflammation and pain.

It’s so important to know what foods cause your pain.

Most doctors won’t agree with me here.  Gastroenterologists say that Crohns patients can eat anything.  But I would give them a few more years to realize the importance of anti-inflammatory diet.  I started doing more research on alternative therapy.

I tried acupuncture and it improved my digestion.

I tried many herbs and homeopathic medications that were excellent for inflammation.

I found a medical doctor that practiced non-traditional medicine who figured out what natural supplements I needed. I followed her every advice.

Then, I read about Functional Medicine. This became so much of an interest to me that I decided to get certified myself.

Natural supplements improved my immunity.

I changed my diet according to my own research and many specialists’ suggestions.

The dose of 6-MP was reduced slowly and eventually it was discontinued.

A lot of my friends and my family recommended my methods to others.  A lot of people need help with digestive diseases and immune system disorders.  I wanted to help.

I now practice this wellness method in New York and New Jersey.

And then I decided that it would be so great if I could help more people.  I know that I can help many people not just with Crohn’s disease problems, but also with Celiac disease, Ulcerative colitis, IBS, etc. But how?

I am writing a book that is about to be released and also created programs to be able to reach more Crohn's/colitis clients. Send me an email if you'd like a copy. Email: inna@realhealthsolutionsllc.com


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