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Jun 16, 2010
Acute Abdominal Pain And Crohns
by: Inna

Hello Anne,

Please know you are going to get better. Please, please be positive. It does make a difference.

Acute abdominal pain is common during Crohns flare ups. It is likely that you are having a flare up right now.

Sometimes the nighttime acute abdominal pain is a sign of an infection. It could be a serious bacterial bug or a parasite that decided to surface from years ago. These bugs usually like "to come out and play at night". You can speak to your doctor about testing you for different bugs or you can make an appointment for a phone consultation with me and I will send you a test kit from a very reputable lab company.

It also could be other reasons for this to happen like acidity problems or more than one problem at once. I would need to have a closer look at your particular case and more information to solve it.

For meanwhile, you could ask your doctor to get you a prescription for dicyclomine for a few days. It's an anti-spasmodic pain reliever.

Also, make sure your bowel movements are regular. Being even slightly constipated can make your nights to become uncomfortable. Read all my Constipation page and Relieving Constipation page.

I wish you to feel much better soon.

If you are interested in private phone consultation, contact me on the Contact Us page.

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