Green Lemonade.

It has been some time since my last newsletter. I am trying to set the website so more and more people could benefit from the information I share with you.

I would love to share this really great and healthy green lemonade recipe with you. It would go very well with your Thanksgiving dinner. It will make your body more acidic which will fight free radicals and that will fight cancer cell formation. Drink this lemonade as often as you can and you will notice less indigestion, less heartburn and more clear skin.

Green Lemonade ingredients: Organic kale (6 leaves) Organic lemon (unpeeled) Organic celery (6 stalks) Organic ginger (one 1" piece unpeeled) Organic apple (unpeeled)

This was not my recipe. I got it from Sandy at Peaceful Daily. She has some really great information about green living.

All the best to you, Inna Lukyanovsky, RPh, CGP Functional Medicine Practitioner

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