Crohns Disease And Digestive Enzymes.

I really believe in digestive enzymes. I think they can help patients with Crohn’s disease( IBD) . It’s questionable for Celiac disease, Ulcerative colitis. and IBS. I believe in digestive enzymes as a Crohn’s disease patient.

As a pharmacist I have to have medical studies that support this. And I can not find many of those. And they are not there. Not because digestive enzymes are not effective but probably because not many studies are out there on natural supplements.

I think digestive enzymes can help with difficult to digest food. I think that they can help when Crohn’s patient has a flare-up because they will make it easier on the stomach.

But I don’t know if they should be taken all the time. Some medical doctors suggest that continuous use of digestive enzymes can cause habit formation which means that the body will get dependence and will stop making enzymes for you. Still very questionable.

What I do know is that patients with active ulcers or bleeding intestinal sores with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis should probably stay away from digestive enzymes since they could irritate the ulcerations.

But if you are in remission or having a flare-up that is manageable, you can consider the help of digestive enzymes, especially if you are away from home, on the trip, away from your regular diet, or cheating on your diet. I personally take them on as needed basis.

I wish you all to stay healthy and symptom-free!


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