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When you are trying to clean your system colon cleansing is your first step. But there are so many questions about healthy colon cleansing. Let's get to the bottom of this...

It’s so important to have at least two bowel movements daily. Better three. You would not even guess that you have colon problems or “clogged” colon unless you would feel pain or have severe constipation. People just do not pay enough attention to their bowel habits. But that’s crucial for your health.

Even slight constipation can cause health problems that can eventually become chronic issues. You have to take care of your colon because your overall health and, believe it or not, your life depend on it.

Let’s be really honest. You don’t eat right. You don’t get right sleep. You are exposed to many, many environmental chemicals. You are most like clogged with toxins inside.

What can you do?

You have to try going to the bathroom often enough. Better after each meal. When you don’t have a bowel movement the whole day you may want to give yourself a dedicated time at night to make sure you go. You really don’t want to go to bed being backed up with all the toxins in your colon. Because these toxins will quickly reabsorb back into your bloodstream. No, you don’t want that.

Here are some colon cleanse recipes:

First colon cleanse recipe is a mild one:

Get some fennel and chamomile tea and drink at least a few cups during the day to have a bowel movement at night. You can add a very small amount of raw honey into the tea. The tea should be warm, not hot and not cold.

Another colon cleanse recipe:

Enema: Take 2 Liters or about 2 pints of cooled, boiled water. Add 1 to 2 tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Optional: Use garlic water. Garlic water is easy to prepare: place 1 clove of garlic in cold water and then filter it out and use in the vinegar mixture. It’s important to use acidic environment to kill off all rotten, bacterial flora inside the gut. You would need to use a large enema that you can hang higher than your body to slowly enter its contents. Be careful and insert it very slowly and gently. And always speak to your health care professional before using enema.

This is one of the best colon cleanse recipes:

Drink a third of a glass of prune juice in the afternoon. Drink lots of warm water with lemon throughout the day. You may want to do a light exercise in the evening and drink some more but warm water to have a bowel movement at night.

This is an easy preventative super colon cleanse recipe:

Use one to two tablespoonful of pure, virgin olive oil first thing in the morning on empty stomach to prevent constipation and cleanse that colon.

Colon Cleanse Recipe:

Use a pint of organic, unsweetened apple juice to drink throughout the day (don’t use this colon cleanse recipe if you are a diabetic). Also, take 4 capsules of organic psyllium three times daily with three very light meals throughout the day. Then, drink warm rosehip tea at night with very little of raw honey to have a bowel movement in the evening. It’s very important to use great quality psyllium to prevent chemical and toxin overload. Because you can find plenty of psyllium over the counter that are not the greatest quality.

Colon Cleanse Products:

If you are looking for a super colon cleanse but don’t want to go with harsh products, you really should try this Designs For Health product.

This product is the best fiber supplement/powder you could probably find on the market. It has a great flavor, clean ingredients and great price. It’s easy to mix and it’s gluten free. If you use it daily in the shakes or any other meals and drink enough water you can forget about constipation. It's called PaleoFiber.

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And don’t forget probotics when it comes to great colon health. Restore that gut flora with Probiotic Supreme. 

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Also, it’s very important to have enough greens in your diet to prevent constipation. But if you don’t, there’s always a green supplement, but you need to get a really clean product like this one: PaleoGreens You will alkaline your body with this product and be in great shape. 

The best colon cleanse for one person may not be so great for you. It’s all very individual. Try starting with mild colon cleanses. Most patients with Crohn’s disease, IBS, Celiac, ulcerative colitis and other digestive diseases have very sensitive colon and may experiences more pain than others. Don’t experiment with harsh colon cleanse. If you need more advice contact me for a consultation or a wellness appointment on this conatact form (please indicate the reason for contact).

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I wish you great health! I hope you found some useful colon cleanse recipes here.

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