Chrons Disease.
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Chrons Disease.

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Chrons disease (commonly misspelled way of writing Crohn’s disease). Many people can’t find great information about Crohn’s disease because they may misspell it. That's why we are here.

Today, approximately 7 of every 100,000 Americans have Crohn’s disease.

There’s an obvious imbalance in the inflammatory mechanism with Crohn's.

The numbers of newly diagnosed Crohn's patients have seriously increased over the last 50 years. Why is that?

There are possible Crohns causes like genetic factors, environment, smoking, bacterial or parasitic infection, diet, psychological factors, but it’s still all unclear. There is no definite cause.

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No one knows what causes Crohn’s disease for sure. No one has a cure for Crohn's. Ok, but I am not fine with that. I never was. I always tried to find other ways to heal myself.

In traditional medicine Crohns disease patients need many, many Crohns medications to manage the symptoms and to stay relatively active. Crohns medications include anti-diarrheal, pain killers, anti-inflammatory salicylates, antibiotics, prednisone, biological and others.

Many gastroenterologists will even sign you off from work for a month or two when you need it. But really, you would rather be healthy and go to work, right?

There's Chrons disease that has many medications as the main part of the treatment, but no Crohns cure? I know all of those medications first hand as a pharmacist and Crohn’s patient now in full remission. You know what: most of these Crohns medications cause many side effects. I am not saying not to take them. In acute situations you really need them. And Crohns medications can sometimes save your life. But what if they are not working or only working to a small degree? Would you consider alternative and natural methods?

There are so many debilitating Crohns symptoms like horrible pain, rectal bleeding, fever, weight loss, anemia and others.

Chrons disease can start microscopically and can proceed to ulcerations.

Crohn’s disease is another inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis. But in Crohn’s disease there’s a prominent intestinal wall thickening that can get to the point of bowel obstruction. Also fistulas are more common in Crohn’s and not in ulcerative colitis. Chrons disease can cause intestinal tissue scaring.

Chrons Disease Facts:

  • Crohns disease is more common in the places where it’s cold. Crohns is more common in women and in whites and Jewish population when compared with African Americans or Asians. But the number of newly diagnosed Asians with Crohn disease is increasing. I have my own thoughts on why this is happening.
  • It is common to get second flare up (about 80%) in the first year after remission. Are those medications really working or not?
  • It is more common for Crohns disease to peak at the two age brackets: in the 20’s and in the 60’s. Is there more research on these particular patients in those age groups? I don’t think so.
  • Almost 80% of Crohns disease patients will develop complications that require surgery. While surgeons will try to preserve as much of intestinal tissue as possible I would like all of my readers to be THE OTHER 20% OF Crohns patients without complications.
  • About 30%of Chrons disease patients will develop fistulae, perianal fissures, or abscesses.
  • Crohns disease affects the skin; causing ulcers and lesions. Chrons disease also affects joints causing arthritis. Crohn's disease also affects the eyes causing episcleritis, recurrent iritis and uveitis. Chrons affects the mouth causing sores. Crohns disease affects the liver causing cholangitis, elevation of liver enzymes, autoimmune chronic active hepatitis, and cirrhosis.
  • Any part of gastrointestinal system can be affected by Crohns disease, anywhere from mouth to anus. The most commonly affected part is ileocecal region.
  • Those complications that are not associated with intestinal issues can be exacerbated during Crohns flare up or during remission time. Other words, those extraintestinal complications can go along with the course of Chrons disease.

Another interesting research that you may want to learn is the Leaky Gut Syndrome. This is still not very well recognized by traditional medicine. But holistic and alternative medicine practitioners stand by Leaky Gut Syndrome findings. If you really try to understand, it makes a lot of sense for Crohn’s patients to commonly have Leaky Gut Syndrome.

So many Chrons disease patients benefit from addition of Functional medicine method(more natural approach to healing). I have seen so many patients improve.

So are you ready for more natural approach to your chronic disease? Ready for alternative methods with lab based protocols? You know why you are ready for it? Because it works. Read and learn about Functional Medicine.

Get on the way to better GI health.

I wish you to stay strong and have great health.

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