Alternative Crohns Disease Treatment.
There Are Many Options For You!

Alternative Crohns Disease Treatment.
This was the first thing that came to my husband's mind when I was diagnosed. He wanted me to try alternative/holistic ways. I wasn't that open to "alternative" anything back then. Little did I know...

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Learn on this page about possible natural cures for Crohn's.

This page is for everyone that REALLY wants to get better.

It’s for patients that had some results with traditional medicine but believe they should feel much better than that.

It’s for patients that are frustrated with their current Crohns disease treatment.

This page is for those that believe they can reverse their Crohn’s disease symptoms. You know what; it is possible in most of the cases.

I know how tough it may be living with Crohns. I understand it from my experience. The best part is that you can recover and reclaim your health as soon as you are ready for it.

You would need to understand that it will require a lot of your own effort to get better.

You should not trust everyone that promises you a Crohn’s cure. Do your own research. Find a respectable holistic health practitioner. The one that would be certified and experienced.

I want you to understand that alternative Crohns disease treatment should not be just a product that you have heard about on the forums. Chances are, it was not well researched. I saw products recommended on some blogs that were plain scary. And some people are promoting. Just be careful.

On the other hand, don’t get intimidated with your doctor saying that no alternative Crohns disease treatment is proven to work.

Conventionally trained doctors are taught and trained to understand medicine. Only recently a small percentage of traditional doctors started integrating alternative or functional medicine into their practice. And I am so proud to be a conventionally trained pharmacist who is also clinically trained in alternative medicine.

But most doctors still don’t want to know anything about other options. It’s really a great time to get more open minded to other methods. Why? Because some of these innovative methods truly work.

So what alternative Crohns treatments available now?

Is there really a Crohns disease alternative?

Are there really natural cures for Crohns?

1)There are homeopathic preparations, acupuncture, Yoga and deep breathing therapy. All these will work for most patients to a certain extent and in combination and would require a really good holistic practitioner to follow you through the whole time.

2)If you are lucky enough to find a great licensed acupuncture practitioner you have very good chances to get better with or without traditional medications. But acupuncture alone may not be enough for many Crohn's or colitis patients.

3)There’s a promising alternative Crohns treatment with low dose naltrexone. It has some great studies supporting positive effects on Crohn’s disease.

4)There’s a supplement called MMS (miracle mineral solution) that has a really questionable data but I did hear some responses with positive results. I can’t recommend this since much more negative information available about this than positive. I know that some people are not thrilled with me stating this. But I could not possibly support something that I don’t have enough information about.

5)Also, there is marijuana as an alternative Crohns disease treatment. They are considering making it legal for Crohns. It looks like it might happen.

Marijuana may have a temporary positive effect on the pain and the mood but when it comes to serious, positive health change for a Crohn's disease patient that’s where I do not see any scientific data. I am more into healing the body, and not into "forgetting the pain for now". If this works for you, great. It's not me.

6)There is a such a thing as colonics procedure as an alternative Crohns disease treatment method. If this really worked for you, wonderful. But many Crohns patients experience pain during and after the procedure, not to mention overdoing this can cause serious gut flora disbalance. You would need to take digestive enzymes and probiotics for a long time after these procedures.

7)There is also “so called” water fast for Crohns disease used as alternative Crohns disease treatment. What caught my attention was the guy who was promoting saying on one of his videos: "You really don’t need to do the fast if you are going to change many other things like your diet, lifestyle, etc.".... Why is he even promoting it then? Why is he promoting something that can cause a major gut flora imbalance?

8)There’s also a new method as an alternative Crohns disease treatment using parasites to recolonize gut flora. Not available in the US. I would be too scared to try this. But again I would need more information to even have an opinion about it. If you have any opinions on this, or would not mind to write a testimonial, please Click Here to Share With Us.

What Really Works?

What would really work as an alternative Crohns disease treatment?

What really would work is an individual approach to each and every patient that would deliver great results. You should be able to get less and less symptoms as the result of your individual alternative Crohns treatment plan, if IT REALLY WORKS. And eventually you should be SYMPTOM FREE! And my record with getting patients symptom free is fantastic.

I believe that Functional Medicine approach is that alternative Crohns disease treatment that gives the most positive results. Yet this method is much researched and lab based. The best part of all, the labs can be done in the privacy of your home. All you need is saliva, urine and stool test to get started to get your health back.

It’s really worth investing into your health in the way that brings SERIOUS RESULTS.

To learn more about Functional Medicine healing approach, click HERE.

This is YOUR Alternative Crohns Disease Treatment Option:

This is your chance (analysis based and simple)to get better. I will be your health coach who takes you step by step through this innovative program. You can make an appointment with me on the phone/via Skype/or in person. Just choose your option HERE.

If you are not ready for a consultation just yet, even though it's the best way to get better FAST, you can still choose from a list of professional supplements HERE.  You will have access to the same professional grade supplements I recommend in my practice.  Once you do a one time fast registration you will not only have access to these and many other supplements, but you will get them at 10% Discount. 

I wish you great health. As you know I am a registered pharmacist, certified Functional medicine practitioner and my Crohn's is in full remission. I hope that my credentials can convince you to make me your holistic health practitioner. Let me know, and I'll send you referrals.

There's an absolutely different new approach to Crohns with balancing brain/gut neurotransmitters. If you are interested, leave your information on Contact Page. I'll get back to you with more information. Just include the reason for contact, please

Alternative Crohns Disease Treatment:

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