15 Year Old Son in Hospital severe Crohns flare (doctor pushing remicaid

by Lesli
(Atlanta GA)

Hello - my son is in the hospital going on 3 weeks. We tried the SCD diet but too little too late, alot of blood loss, pain took us to the hospital. After 2 1/2 weeks - we reluctantly went on methetrexate. 60 mlgs of prednison was not working. My son is on Peptamin 10 shakes a day and was supposidly on hospital low residue diet - on top of the methotrexate. Improvement happend in the stool - began to thicken, less frequency, less blood.

Seemed to be working- so we allowed our son to increase is real food (Low residue) intake. At the same time, he was taken off IV steriods and put on pill form - with the methotrexate.

Yesterday he went from 3 stools to 5. This morning he had 4 stools before 10:am.

Doctor has decided he is not ready to release yet and is pushing remicaide. My son is miserable. We as parents do not want to choose remicaide but this is torture for my son and for us to watch.

I've purchased so many books on SCD, cdiff, low residue, testimonials.

We are in need of help badly.

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May 01, 2015
Kids with Crohns
by: Inna

Hello Lesli,

It is insane to have to go through this. You need as much help as your son right now, dealing with all this stress. Let me know, if you'll need my help. We are all here for you.

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