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May 17, 2011
Reply to 13 year old with Crohn's
by: Inna

Hello Patti Laroe,

Thank you for submitting your question.

I know exactly what you are talking about when it comes to traditional doctors refusing to listen to you. When I tell them that I originally finished school as a pharmacist they get even more puzzled.

They have been trained to treat with medications and that's what they know. They respect studies and that's the only way to change their minds.

I was able to get through to many traditional doctors about benefits of holistic approach to patient's health. I know many doctors now that integrated their practice completely to include traditional and alternative medicine.

I know how scared your daughter is. Don't let the diagnosis get to her. This is just a name of a disease. But hopefully she will go into full remission without any symptoms and will forget she ever had this Crohn's.

You may want to call my office to make an appointment for her. We can communicate via phone or via Skype. Many of my clients are in other states. It's very easy. You don't need to leave home. I send you supplements or test kits to be done at home.

Office number 1-800-557-8039

You may want to try taking some baby steps to improve her condition:

Try gluten free diet. But really stick to it.

Consider changing probiotics to Probiotic Supreme or another professionally distributed probiotic (that I can send you) in the morning. And Floramyces in the evening.

Make sure the water she is drinking is filtered or spring.

Give her a great omega supplement.

I wish you to stay positive for your daughter and I wish her great health!!!

Best, Inna

Nov 21, 2011
Try Fresh Pineapple, Pineapple juice, and cooking with Pineapple
by: Darren

H i, my name is Darren. I am 37 years old, and was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at 9 years old.

At one point, I think I was the youngest known. I have been on Sulfa drugs, Asacol, Predizone, Lialda, and most of the commonly used drugs. However, one thing I found over the years of researching Crohn's is that there were no diagnoses of Crohn's in Hawaii.

So, I started researching their diet and Pineapple has properties that reduce inflammation.

So, after my bowel resection I began a diet high in pineapples, including juice in the mornings and cooking with very regularly. I had a bowel resection at the age of 21, given two stomas and an ostomy, and was reconstructed at the age of 23.

Then I went 13 years with no medication, or symptoms. Some people say the acidity in the juice bothers them, but it didn't seem to affect me once I got used to it.

I recently have changed my diet due to divorce and I started having problems again with bleeding and perianal abscesses which are new to me. So now I am on Lialda, Colestipol, Cipro, Flagyl, Enemas, and more than I care to take. I can feel the Crohn's effects of and know what's going on in my body better than most current Gastroenterologist. No offense to them, but I have probably researched and studied more about it than most of them having 28 years of "real life experience" with Crohn's.

Regardless of what most doctors tell you stress is a vital role in this disease. You never see a bum on the street with Crohn's. I suspect your child is a very self-conscious individual, and strives to be the best at everything. You cannot change a person’s innate self and the expectations they put upon themself, but reducing stresses and pressure around them is sometimes possible.

These opinions are completely based off my personal experiences and are my personal opinions only since I am not a physician. But, I understand what your daughter is dealing with, and wish her the best. Darren Hedrick Claremont, NC

Comments from Inna:

Hello Darren,

I've read about the benefits of pineapple for chronic digestive diseases. Some of my readers explained that their digestion is better while having pineapples. Some say it’s too acidic... Not much research and data. But I personally love the taste and feel good afterwards.

I love your comments about the type A personality traits of a Crohn's patient. You are right on the money. Most of my patients are naturally very hard on themselves.

I greatly appreciate your reply. Please, comment more often.

All the best, Inna

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