Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) And Crohn's Disease

What is your stand on Miralce Mineral Solution (MMS) and Crohn's disease?

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Aug 11, 2010
Reply TO Miralce Mineral Solution (MMS) And Crohn's Disease.
by: Inna

Thank you for your question.

The question about this Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and Crohn's Disease comes up quite often.

I see a lot of people talking about MMS on Crohn's forums. Many say it worked for them.

But I've even seen a post where a person was so passionate against MMS because her friend died after two days of using it.

Some people strongly encourage others to try it. I didn't try Miracle Mineral Solution and won't be able to speak from my experience.

But theoretically I can sort of understand that if Crohn's disease patient has an active gastrointestinal infection in the gut and MMS can potentially convert into bleach inside I can see how it could even work as an antibacterial for some people.

But I could certainly see how much danger it could bring to the gut and to the whole system in general.

I won't take a yes or no position here, but I would like to bring this FDA warning to your attention:


Best, Inna

Aug 18, 2010
It's bleach!
by: Anonymous

It's nothing but industrial strength bleach. DO NOT USE IT!

Sep 22, 2010
by: Tractoristu

Inna, Thank for FDA warning !
You are so kind !
FDA is the one who gives OK in cancer for chemotherapy, and radiation, and whatever . with a 0.16 % success, right ?
Per FDa approced therapy you have a chance to die of 99.94 %
That's the FDA , or it's a different one ?
The whole medicine is caught with pants down in front of MMS and so is stinking FDA.
It's a great product and just shut up !

Sep 23, 2010
Reply To MMS And Crohn's Disease.
by: Inna

Hello Tractoristu,

I am sure that this is your real name...

You know, I didn't have to post your comment. I could have deleted it.

But I would just like to let you know that by telling me to shut up on my own website is not going to help anyone. Besides the fact that thankfully I live in the free country and able to post my comments on MY WEBSITE.

I spend a lot of time researching and looking for natural ways to heal for Crohn's patients.

I've helped so many Crohn's disease patients that you can't even imagine. Did you help many Crohn's patients to heal their pain?

I've helped them with Functional medicine method which is a very natural and holistic method, but also well researched wellness method.

Yes, FDA is not always perfect. Yes, they approved chemo and radiation for cancer. But you know what; so many patients make a conscious decision to go with traditional medicine, even when I really try to convince them to try natural methods.
I would love more patients to use more natural methods, that is what I do, but so many are so opposed to it and not just because of FDA. I can recommend a patient natural magnesium supplement for their migraine that takes a while to work because it works prophylactically, but they say give me Motrin now. People are looking for faster relief. People are looking for easier way out. The way that doesn?t require them to work very hard. The way that wouldn?t have them change their diet. Simple, easy life. People want to grab a bagel on the way to work and don?t want to spend time cooking much at home.
Getting healthy naturally takes time and effort. And it?s not covered by insurance. So many people are opposing to it. Thankfully not all of them, including my patients and me.
But would you also start blaming the people now for being lazy and that?s why not many natural methods are studied well? Or is it all FDA?s and my fault?

I have to research everything about the product to be able to recommend it. People read my website and blog and they depend on me to give them complete information.

I am not even upset at you for telling me to shut up. You are obviously angry about something.

If you actually read my post, you would notice that I never said that this product doesn't work. I don't know because I never took it. I don't think I would ever have to try it because I am now in complete remission with the help of Functional medicine wellness method. Yes, I would probably be skeptical about taking it though.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best. If MMS worked for your Crohn's disease, GREAT. We are happy to know that.

Sep 23, 2010
Reply To MMS And Crohn's Disease.
by: Inna

You were noting the data from FDA and I don't think you have a right understanding:

"FDA is the one who gives OK in cancer for chemotherapy, and radiation, and whatever. with a 0.16 % success, right ?
Per FDa approved therapy you have a chance to die of 99.94 %"

No, it doesn't mean that 99.94 % will die from it. If you want contact me on the CONTACT US form and I will personally explain to you how to interpret the scientific data.

If you are brave enough to let us know your real name and the actual studies which have the formula for MMS and maybe some data IT WOULD BE VERY APPRECIATED. So go ahead and post us your info.

Best, Of Luck To You Tractoristu.

Aug 10, 2011
About to try MMS myself
by: marcos

I am about to try MMS to tackle IBS/ulcer/candida/adrenal fatigue. I might post onto this blog to give updates on my own experience.

As a side note, please watch the documentary "Burzynski". It is the best, most thorough piece on cancer, the FDA, and an alternative therapy which turned out to work. It's also a really well done courtroom psycho-thriller. Enjoy!

Aug 29, 2011
The "shut up "comment
by: Amelia

Hello Inna

I think that Tractoristu is a foreign person and in my work of translating and liaising between people of different languages I have often encountered misunderstandings born out of a statement translated which in their own tongue does not have the same punch.

Here in Portugal where I now live I myself got burnt too for calling myself "stupid" or "Miss Piggy" in a joke. They take that very seriously - it is considered a big insult - and there are things they say which we could never dare to say in English.

I am sure the "shut up" comment was a phrase this person picked up and the voicer does not feel the strong tone of the words. I am sure it was meant more innocently than it sounded.

I had Crohns for 30 years and at times did not want to live anymore. Last year I took MMS and I have never had another flare. I am a believer! I have my life back and enjoy every second of it.

About the FDA.....I am not so sure that they care more about our health than about the money they can make out of drugs.

Sep 06, 2011
by: Jimbo

Just to confirm how good mms is,i have had crohn's for 13 years,i then found mms and tried it for my prostate cancer stage 1V, on the way i cured my crohn's in 5 days and i have not taken the medication for over 2 months.

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