Grazing and Crohn's

I just wanted to share

Recently I went on a diet that required 6 small meals a day vs the 3 big ones we as Americans normally eat.

I had much less trouble with my Crohn's (Maybe because my digestive tract was not unter such stess all the time)and I felt less tired.

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Aug 09, 2011
Reply to Crohns Diet
by: Inna

Thank you very much for giving your advice.

Every comment is very important to us. Especially, if the comment is of real, true value to our Crohn's community.

I agree eating smaller meal always helps. It really helps when there's a flare up. Also, many patients say that during flare up they mash all their food into applesauce consistency and that works for many.

Eating smaller (even better if those small meals are sugarless) will not lower pH and raise insulin levels as much and it will keep metabolic balance.

Great advice. I wish you to be very healthy!

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