Benefits Of Vitamin D.

Benefits Of Vitamin D.

You can really benefit if you know this great information about vitamin D benefits and vitamin D side effects and save yourself from health problems later.

There are so many benefits of vitamin D. And the list of vitamin D benefits is growing by a minute. These vitamin D effects are great but may not be for everyone. I always believe in supplementing only when there's a need for it. And here we are going to learn why...

Many patients like to try something trendy and vitamin D is as trendy as you could get right now. But I want you to fully understand ALL of the vitamin D benefits along with vitamin D side effects and vitamin D overdose possibilities.

Benefits of vitamin D:

You need to know the most important thing: Check if you really need it first. That would be seeing a specialist and testing your vitamin D levels. Have your health practitioner monitor those levels for efficacy at 3 months, 6 moths and one year.

Also, choose your Vitamin D supplements wisely. Choosing appropriate vitamin D supplement will greatly improve your health and your vitamin d levels. And yes, I've seen some really great health improvement with vitamin d supplementation.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with other vitamin D deficiencies like Magnesium deficiency or vitamin A to vitamin D ratio imbalance. You may want to consider having those vitamin levels checked also. Some of the really great natural supplement brands are now making combination of vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium and vitamin A into one great supplement.

In general, it’s a good idea to check all anti-oxidant levels, anti-oxidant markers, nutrient markers as well as metabolic processes in your system before you add any additional vitamins.

Benefits Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D benefits include:

  • We need sufficient amount of vitamin D level for appropriate Calcium and Phosphorous absorption. And Calcium is very important for your bones.
  • Other great vitamin D benefits include the function of vitamin D as an immune system helper.
  • Vitamin D benefits include helping people maintain healthy body weight.
  • Optimal vitamin D levels are associated with decrease of inflammation.
  • Optimal vitamin D levels are associated with decreased flare ups of many chronic conditions like Crohn’s disease and others.
  • Vitamin D benefits include the ability to fight the common cold and flu.
  • Optimal vitamin D levels are associated with decreased duration of common colds.
  • Optimal vitamin D levels show improvements in cognition in the elderly.
  • Optimal vitamin D level benefits include reduced risk of developing multiple sclerosis, preterm labor or birth defects.
  • Some expert notice great benefits of vitamin D in decreasing chronic pain.
  • Optimal vitamin D levels have been shown to reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in women.
  • Vitamin D can help reduce the severity of asthma symptoms, and possibly reduce hospitalizations due to asthma.
  • Other great benefits of vitamin D include the abilities of this vitamin to protect the body against radiation.

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Vitamin D benefits may directly and positively affect our health. But use everything with caution.

Vitamin D absorption is a complex process and it’s not easy to overdose vitamin D, but definitely possible.

Vitamin D side effects include:

  • Nausea (usually goes away)
  • Vomiting (report this to the doctor)
  • Rash (may want to try another brand of vitamin D)
  • Bitter taste in the mouth (may want to change the brand of vitamin D)
  • Constipation (if doesn’t go away, tell your doctor)
  • Muscle Spasms (should go away, if not, speak to your doctor)
  • Joint Paint (may be a positive sign of calcium absorption)
  • Heart Palpitations (report to the doctor)
  • Hands Shaking (speak to your doctor)
  • Nervousness and Anxiety (speak to your doctor)
  • Insomnia and Nightmares (if doesn’t go away, speak to your doctor)

Benefits of vitamin D: The absorption of this liquid(emulsified) form of vitamin D can not be even compared to most vitamin D products out there.

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Symptoms of vitamin D overdose are same as vitamin D side effects but more severe. And also overdose on vitamin D could cause kidney dysfunction and kidney failure.

Vitamin D overdose is especially dangerous for the elderly since vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and many elderly patients lose their body weight.

I wish you to get the most benefits of vitamin D and have a great health!

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